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Imperfect Samples - Hohner White Baby Grand Complete [TEAM Audio P2P] [Kontakt]

Imperfect Samples Hohner White Baby Grand Complete Edition
NKI WAV EXS - AudioP2P | 13.12GB

The Hohner White Baby Grand (complete) is a highly versatile multiple perspective package, containing a breathtaking 3 microphone perspectives with 17 velocity layers in each, along with release samples, piano effects and performance sounds.

Provided at full 24-bit audio fidelity, this grand piano sample library totals 30GB of data (12GB download), and over 8000 unique samples. 

The additional mic perspectives provide a versatility rarely seen in piano sample libraries. This is essentially 3 grands in one package. Every note in each layer was recorded, with 17 velocity layers of mic perspective 1, 17 velocity layers of perspective 2, and 17 velocity layers of perspective 3, giving this distinctive library a total of over 100 unique samples per note.

The use of multiple perspectives is a long-used trick in the record industry, and is essential for creating the right custom piano sound for mixing. Name almost any piano-based recording artist; Gary Barlow, Delta Goodrem, Christina Aguilera, their engineers use multiple recording perspectives in their piano-based records. Not only does it add versatility in terms of character of sound, but allows for a more realistic integration with the "sound-space" of a track.

Microphone perspective 1 was recorded in stereo 2 inches from the sound-board, for a "larger-than-life" sound, perspective 2 was recorded in stereo directly inside the instrument, for a cleaner, more "up-front" sound, and perspective 3 was recorded in mono 2 metres away from the piano for the "room" sound. Each perspective of the Hohner White Baby Grand (complete) has been painstakingly edited simultaneously, to provide identical start times. Treat this sampled piano library like a live instrument; mix the perspectives like you would a live recording.

What about memory? This piano library uses direct-from-disc technology, which means it has a RAM footprint of only 350MB.

Formats Available:
- PC (VST)
- Mac (AU, VST)
- EXS24
- Kontakt*




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