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Native Instruments - Kontakt 5 v5.0.2 UNLOCKED x86/x64 [ASSiGN]

Native Instruments - Kontakt 5 v5.0.2 UNLOCKED x86/x64 | ASSiGN | 20.1.2012 | 440 MB

Once again, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS raises the bar with KONTAKT 5 — the latest version of the industry-leading sampler. KONTAKT 5 takes a bold leap forward with 37 new filters, four new on-board studio effects, updated time stretching, a new instrument bus system and more. As you will see from the newSTUDIO DRUMMER, for example, it's a deep-rooted update to the KONTAKT platform, allowing us — and you — to create even better instruments and more powerful, expressive sounds.

Kontakt 5.0.2


-Significant Time Machine Pro improvements.
-Improved file import.
-Easier and faster activation for Kontakt Instruments.
-Dynamically resizeable 'post-amp' section in Group Effect Chain.
-Invert and Channel Swap functionality in Group amplifier section.

Most important bug fixes:

-Fixed several issues.
-Fixed some rare crashes.


This update disables reg hacks which worked on v5.0.0 and v5.0.1. But there are still some tricks to enable the custom user library.

Read nfo to find out

jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Vir2 Instruments - VI One VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRID DVDR [Win/Mac] [DYNAMiCS]

Vir2 Instruments - VI One VSTi DXi RTAS AU | HYBRID | DVDR | DYNAMiCS | Win/Mac | 7.56 GB | 7.05 GB | 6.51 GB

Far more than just a sound library; consider this a major studio upgrade. Vir2 Instruments' VI.ONE is a massive multi-disc sample library encompassing over two thousand instruments, kits, and other sound effects, and is designed to be of maximum usability to musicians across a wide span of genres.The library is packed to the brim with drums (including hundreds of different kits), drum loops, basses (including acoustic, upright, electric, and synth), world and ethnic instruments (organized by geographic regions), sound effects, guitars (acoustic and electric), keyboards, a full collection of orchestral instruments, screaming B3 organs, world-class acoustic pianos, prepared pianos, electric/synth pianos, pop horns and brass, a bank of vintage synths, and cutting-edge synth patches. Across every musical style in the world, VI.ONE is a premium, versatile, and gigantic sound palette.

VI.ONE is powered by the popular Kontakt engine, offering total integration into all major sequencers via its AudioUnit, VST, and RTAS plug-ins, as well as standalone operation.


domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

ToonTrack - Americana EZX Win EXPANSION [Team AudioP2P]

ToonTrack - Americana EZX Win EXPANSION | Team AudioP2P | 8.1.2012 | 686 MB

Toontrack wanted to capture the essence of the Americana genre; the raw, untamed and no frills sound that defined the music that rose out of rebelling the mainstream country and rock establishment in the 1990s. Where better to do this than in its very stronghold, Austin, TX, and through the guidance of seasoned engineer Mark Hallman (Carole King, Dan Fogelberg)?

Recorded in great detail at renowned The Congress House Studio, Toontrack is proud to present one of the most genre defining products in the history of the company: Americana EZX.


• Intimate and natural sounding Fibes Maple and 1960s Ludwig kits
• Featuring specials like the wood hoop "snare off" snare drum, sizzle
strip and Cross Crasherz FX cymbals, Zildjian sizzle ride and more
• Included MIDI


Recorded at The Congress House, Austin TX, 11-16 April 2011

Kit 1
Fibes Maple
Kick: 22" Fibes Maple
Kick 2: 16 x 12" Fibes
Snare: 14 x 6,5" Ludwig Black Beauty, Remo Vintage A coated (batter)
Ludwig weathermaster (snare side)
Racktom: 12 x 8" Fibes Maple, Remo Ambassador heads
Floortom: 16 x 16" Fibes Maple , Remo Ambassador heads
HiHat: 14" Zildjian New Beat , (two tops).
Crash Left: 16" Zildjian K dark crash medium thin
Crash Right: 18" Bosphorus Ferit series
Ride: 20" UFIP Natural series

Kit 2
1965 Ludwig Burgundy Sparkle (+ "Snare off" kit)
Kick: 22" Ludwig , 1965
Kick "snare off": 22" Ludwig, 1965
Snare: 14 x 5,5" Tama LTD edition Wood Hoop Snare, Maple
Snare "snare off": 14 x 5,5" Tama LTD edition Wood Hoop Snare, Maple
Racktom: 12 x 8” 1965, Remo coated Ambassador X
Racktom: "snare off": 12 x 8” Ludwig 1965, Remo coated Ambassador X
Floortom: 14 x 14” Ludwig 1965, Remo coated Ambassador X
Floortom "snare off": 14 x 14” Ludwig 1965, Remo coated Ambassador X
HiHat: 14" UFIP Class series
Crash Left: 16" Zildjian A, medium thin
Crash Right: 15" Zildjian A, Thin Crash
Ride: 19" Zildjian Armand "Beautiful Baby", 3 rivets (middle missing)

Kit 3
Brushed kit.
Kick: 22" Ludwig, 1965
Snare: 14 x 5" Ludwig Brass edition reissue, Chrome over brass w/tube lugs
HiHat: 14" Zildjian New Beat, (two tops).
Racktom: 12 x 8” Ludwig, 1965, Remo coated Ambassador X
Floortom: 14 x 14” Ludwig, 1965, Remo coated Ambassador X
Crash Left: 16" Zildjian A, medium thin
Crash Right: 16" Zildjian K, Dark Crash medium thin
Ride: 20" Zildjian Constantinople

Cymbal position 01
Percussion 1: 6" Factory Metal Percussion (FMP), Cross Crasher
Percussion 2: 10" Factory Metal Percussion (FMP), Celtic Bell
Percussion 3: Plugs Percussion, Sizzle strip, narrow side
Percussion 4: Plugs Percussion, Sizzle strip, broad side



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Wave Alchemy - PRO II Synth [Multiformat]

Wave Alchemy PRO II Synth| Multiformat | 2.50 GB

Introducing Pro II - The analogue hybrid synthesizer for Kontakt 4 by Wave Alchemy...

A limitless source of screaming bass lines, lush synth tones and powerful analogue sequences, Pro II by Wave Alchemy is powered by over 6500 carefully recorded multi-sampled sounds, driven by a custom scripted Kontakt 4 engine and intuitive graphical interface.

Inspired by one of the most popular synths of its time, Pro II combines classic sounds with modern sound shaping tools to achieve a versatile and fully programmable analogue hybrid synthesizer!

Pro II for Kontakt 4 ships with a 3.9GB core sound library and includes 195 expertly programmed presets, all of which are editable via our extensively scripted instrument panel and stunning GUI controls.

A full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4 or 5 is required to use our Pro II instrument. A slimmed down version including 3.2GB of multi-sampled presets is available and optimized for users of Ableton Live, Reason and various other software.

The Pro II instrument features 5 main editing pages:

Preset Page

The preset page is able to load 138 extensively multi-sampled patches designed and recorded from a vintage Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer. Sounds from this page can be further edited and mixed with the Pro II's 'raw oscillators' (see below) to create interesting 'hybrid' patches.

Raw Oscillator (Synthesizer) Page

Synthesize your own sounds using the Pro II's oscillators… Raw mode boasts 2 analogue oscillators, 2 sub oscillators and 2 noise sources, all of which are individually powered by an extensive set of carefully looped waveforms recorded from a Pro One analogue synthesizer.

Sequencer Page

A comprehensive, tempo sync-able analogue style step sequencer. Each step boasts independent settings for both filter cut-off and resonance which when combined with the instruments "shuffle" (randomize) function can produce everything from subtle S+H type effects to completely insane sequences.

Effects Page

The effects page boasts a number of fully editable effects as well as specially created reverb IR's (Impulse Responses) recorded from our Eventide DSP-7000 Harmonizer.

Controls Page

The controls page gives you full control over mono/polyphonic modes, portamento, pitch bend range, 8 voice unison and keyboard velocity/curve response.
What's included in the instrument?
3.9GB core sound library including 6587 multi-sampled 24-bit WAV samples
Heavily scripted Kontakt 4+ instrument and intuitive graphical interface (requires full version of Kontakt)
138 Pro One multi patches including a wide range of huge analogue basses, lush synth leads, quirky tones and twisted SFX
38 carefully programmed Pro II presets and starting points
19 multi-rack patches featuring analogue hybrid synth sounds, creatively layered pad arrays and enormous bass tones



miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

Project Sam - Orchestral Brass Classic + Updates KONTAKT DVDR [DYNAMiCS]

Project Sam - Orchestral Brass Classic + Updates | KONTAKT | DVDR | Team DYNAMiCS | 8.21 GB

ORCHESTRAL BRASS CLASSIC is the re-issue of the most respected symphonic brass series on the sample market: SAM Horns, SAM Trombones, SAM Trumpets and SAM Solo Sessions. Known for its ambient, cinematic sound, ORCHESTRAL BRASS CLASSIC is the only brass library that no film, TV or game composer can afford to be without.


* Updated programming for all brass instruments
* Round robin alternation for all brass staccatos that offer multiple staccato versions
* More efficient keyswitches with onscreen keyswitch information
* Custom Kontakt-scripting skin including ADSR, simulated legato, octaver and reverb controls
* Two concert hall mic positions in 44.1/16
* 9 GB library size
* NI Kontakt Player 3.5 included
* Not compatible with Kontakt 2 or earlier

Release Info:

DATE....: Oct 2010


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Kontakt 4 Factory Library - Choir KONTAKT

Kontakt 4 Factory Library - Choir | KONTAKT | 3.11 GB

The Choir Collection, sampled exclusively for Native Instruments, provides a complete set of soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices. Each section of the choir was split in two groups and recorded separately to provide maximum fexibility and this was put into use in the majority of the provided instruments. In addition, a signifcant amount of patches make use of the new Authentic Expression Technology giving you a new level of control: the choir voices can seamlessly morph between vowels while holding a key/note.

Here is the folder structure of the Choir Collection:

Vocal Keyswitches Patches using key switches to switch between vowels.
Vocal Morphs Patches utilizing the AET flter to morph between vowels.
Vowels Alto Patches featuring the alto section providing additional control over the two groups.
Vowels Bass Patches featuring the bass section providing additional control over the two groups.
Vowels Choir Patches featuring the whole choir providing additional control over the two groups.
Vowels Soprano Patches featuring the soprano section providing additional control over the two groups.
Vowels Tenor Patches featuring the tenor section providing additional control over the two groups.

Instrument Controls

The Sound knob morphs through preset EQ settings.
The Chord knob enables the chord function of the built-in harmonizer. You can deactivate it by turning it all the way to the left, or you can select the desired chord using any of the other options. The exact notes that are going to be triggered are relying upon the Key and Scale settings.

The Dynamic KS switch turns the dynamic key switches on or off, while the Dynamic Release and Dynamic Fade knobs control the respective parameters (for a detailed description of the key switch functionality please see section 1.4. Key Switches).
As well as using the key switches to switch through vowels, you can also select a vowel by clicking on it’s name in the Vowel menu.

The Key column can be used to remap the key switches, while the Load buttons can be used to load or unload any of the sample sets of each one of the vowels. This can be used to save memory by unloading a sample set when it is not used in a certain project.
The Level, Attack and Release knobs adjust the respective parameters of the currently
selected vowel.

The Group 2 switch activates the second group of the choir. When activated, the two groups are also slightly spread in the stereo feld.

Morph Instruments

These instruments use the all new Authentic Expression Technology flter to morph between vowels. The names of the instruments describe their vowel content:

• Choir Morph [a-e]
• Choir Morph [a-e-i-o-u]
• Choir Morph [a-i]
• Choir Morph [a-m]
• Choir Morph [a-u]

All instruments are essentially only using the “a” sound sample set, and achieve the morphing
by applying the spectral fngerprint of the other vowels to those original samples.

If you want to morph between the vowels using your mouse you can use the Morph knob.
Alternatively you can use the modulation wheel or aftertouch capabilities of your keyboard.
To control the intensity of the modulation use the Mod Wheel and Aftertouch knobs on the GUI. You can also invert the polarity of the controls using the Invert switches.

Group Mix Instruments

As previously stated, all the choir sections (bass, tenor, alto and soprano) where split into two sub groups, which were recorded separately. In the instruments of this category you have extensive control over the two groups. You can fnd those instruments in the following folders:

• Vowels Alto
• Vowels Bass
• Vowels Choir
• Vowels Soprano
• Vowels Tenor



lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Sample Logic - Morphestra DVDR KONTAKT [DYNAMiCS]

Sample Logic - Morphestra | DVDR | KONTAKT | DYNAMiCS | 26.1 GB

Morphestra is today's cinematic virtual instrument. Sample Logic's award-winning team presents a powerful collection of creatively new and inventive organic instruments. Morphestra is derived entirely from orchestral recordings and psycho-acoustic sound design. In association with Kirk Hunter Studios and powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player 3, Morphestra is an epic collection of over 27 GB and 1200+ instruments and multis delivered pre-installed on a pocket-sized Glyph hard drive. 


Out of the box, Morphestra is ideal for film, TV, video games, electronic music, ambient music, multimedia genres, and much more... Its powerful instruments and multis stand on their own making it a "must have." This makes creating an entire production possible without the assistance of any additional third-party instruments and effects. This "cine-organic" achievement surpasses any library of its kind. Rather than reinventing the traditional orchestra, Sample Logic has created a modern-day virtual instrument using effectual techniques. Morphestra includes: cinematic atmospheres, innovative arpeggiated/gated melodic and rhythmic instruments, thunderous percussive impacts, transition trailer effects, and dynamic rhythmic loops, and lush evocative pads, just to name a few. 


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