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Wavemachine Labs - Drumagog Platinum v5.11 + Library [Team AiR]

Wavemachine Labs - Drumagog Platinum v5.11 + Library | Team AiR | 1.18 GB

Say Goodbye To Bad Drums

Drumagog is a real-time audio plug-in that replaces the sound of your recorded drums. Don't like the sound of your snare? Insert Drumagog on the snare track and choose a new sound; Drumagog automatically plays the new snare in place of the original.

(WIN) VST,RTAS > 32bit

•Auto-Align 2.0 and New Triggering Engine
•A collaboration between WaveMachine Labs and Fraunhofer (inventors of the
•MP3 format) has resulted in a revolutionary new alignment algorithm. Drums
hits are perfectly aligned and sample accurate. Drumagog now has the most
accurate sample alignment algorithm available anywhere. Drumagog's already
powerful triggering engine has been improved to more accurately track the
most demanding drum tracks. Even complicated rolls and flams are no match
for Drumagog 5's new triggering engine.
•Room Samples
•The Gog sample format has been extended to include room and mic samples:
•Simply dial in the amount of room desired using the new mixer interface. Up
to three room or alternative mic samples can be triggered from a single
drum hit. All room and mic samples maintain a phase-lock with each other.
Drumagog 5 comes with updated Gog samples to take advantage of this
powerful new feature.
•Auto Hi-Hat Tracking
•Drumagog 5 automatically detects hi-hat pedal position (open/closed) and
adjusts the samples accordingly. Hi-hats are now easy to replace, accurate,
and faithful to their original articulations.
•Plugin Hosting
•Open virtual instruments inside Drumagog 5 for unlimited sounds. Plug-ins
such as BFD2, Superior Drummer, Kontakt, and more open directly in Drumagog
for easy access to a virtually unlimited library of samples.
•Convolution Reverb
•With adjustable room size, offset, delay and more, Drumagog 5s reverb
comes with a custom IR library and the ability to read standard IR files.
•Designed in collaboration with MoReVoX sound designer Sabino Cannone,
•Morph|Engine reshapes sound with every beat, for mind-blowing effects
unmatched by anything else on the market.

Drumagog 5.11 Update

New Features:
- Bleed Reduction feature allows Drumagog 5 to eliminate other drums from bleeding into a track and adding unwanted triggering. Simply setup Drumagog on each affected track and it will automatically remove the bleed.

- Added a “DIRECT” fader when using GOG files with room sounds
- Added License File authorization method
- Added support for Auto Hi-Hat Tracking in Plug-in Hosting and MIDI Output
- Added new Auto Hi-Hat control for adjusting choke level
- Added ability to save a GOG file copy with a new name
- Added Over 2 GB of samples to free library. Now includes the entire Rock Drums 3 and Ultra Drums libraries from Farview Recording. Free library is now nearly 7 GB total.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Auto Hi-Hat Tracking instances with extremely fast hits
- Fixed issue when using MIDI or Plug-in Hosting in Live Triggering Mode
- Fixed issue where Default GOG folder setting did not always save
- Fixed issue where not all GOG file settings always saved in projects
- Fixed sample list display issue when working with large GOG files
- Fixed issue with Stealth Mode & Auto Ducking controls not displaying properly
- Resolved issue in Basic version for those who previously had Demo version installed
- Fixed issues with automation and preset management in Pro Tools
- Fixed issue when saving a Pro Tools project while hosting BFD2



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Native Instruments - Session Strings Pro KONTAKT DVDR [TEAM DYNAMiCS] COMPLETE

Native Instruments - Session Strings Pro | KONTAKT | DVDR | TEAM DYNAMiCS | 32GB 

SESSION STRINGS PRO is the new gold standard for contemporary studio strings. Take control of an 11-piece ensemble, recorded with the utmost precision in four different settings for maximum flexibility and realism. With its immaculate, intimate quality, unique musical workflow and a vivid, modern edge, SESSION STRINGS PRO is the premium choice for pop, RnB and more.

Taking the intuitive approach of SESSION STRINGS to new heights of quality and detail, SESSION STRINGS PRO is20 times bigger with refined workflows, separate instrument groups, a choice of instrument placements, 29 articulations and precise control.

SESSION STRINGS PRO is far more than just a string library. Creating natural, expressive string tracks in the highest possible quality has never been more immediate, or more rewarding.

The sound of SESSION STRINGS PRO is close, detailed and intimate — an essential alternative to orchestral strings. Meticulously sampled and designed to sit well in the mix, each of the four ensembles consists of five ins- trument groups: full ensemble, four violins, three violas, two cellos and two basses. Play full ensembles, mapped across the keyboard, or individual instrument groups.

Multiple velocity layers and29 articulations provide a wide expressive range. With smooth looping, beautifully fluid transitions and up to four round robin samples per note, SESSION STRINGS PRO delivers a strikingly natural sound. What’s more, an additional set of presets provides the glamorous sound of vintage soul and disco.
And more...


(In DVD 4 you must decompress each part separately but without the 8, and each one will give 1 GB Rar, then proceed to decompress DVD4 with the first 1GB rar)

(En el DVD 4 tienen que descomprimir cada parte por separado menos la 8 y les dara un rar de 1 GB, despues de esto procedan a descomprimir el DVD4 desde la primera parte de 1 GB)

martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Vir2 Instruments - Mojo Horn Section VSTi RTAS AU HYBRID DVDR [AiRISO]

Vir2 Instruments - Mojo Horn Section | VSTi RTAS AU HYBRID DVDR | AiRISO | 11 GB

Now at the tips of your fingers is the most versatile horn section in the world, MOJO: Horn Section, which offers the most flexible and innovative approach to pop, funk, jazz, and big band horns ever created in a virtual instrument.

Pushing the boundaries of sampling and scripting technology far beyond traditional sample libraries, MOJO offers a simple but feature-packed interface. No need to decide in advance which articulation you want to play. Simply load the instrument, turn the Ensemble knob to specify how many players you want playing that instrument (from a soloist to a dectet) and begin controlling the instrument from the keyboard. Mojo Horn Section Screenshot More than a dozen articulations are instantly loaded and intelligently handled via performance features and keyswitches. Behind the scenes, a humanizing function, smart release layers, and custom legato and vibrato tools assist the player in reproducing the ultimate dimensions in realism. Crescendos and swells sync instantly to host tempos and can be triggered in real time.

Included in the instrument collection are: soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, trumpet (open, muted, and piccolo), flugelhorn, trombone (open and muted), bass trombone, and clarinet. The articulation list varies for each instrument, but generally includes sustains, stabs, staccatos, trills, slurs, shakes, octave runs, rise to hits, falls (including four different lengths), doits, bends, stylistic riffs, special effects, and tempo-synced swells and crescendos. All samples are recorded in 24-bit stereo using the finest preamps in the world, including a vintage Neve 1073 and a LaChapell Audio 992EG, and mics by AKG, Neumann, and Coles.

MOJO is powered by the popular Kontakt engine, offering total integration into all major sequencers via its AudioUnit, VST, and RTAS plug-ins, as well as standalone operation.

Release Info:

FORMAT....: VSTi/RTAS/AU/Standalone


lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Orange Tree Samples - Iconic Bass Jaco KONTAKT [Team SYNTHiC4TE]

Orange Tree Samples - Iconic Bass Jaco | KONTAKT | Team SYNTHiC4TE | 2.7 GB

As Orange Tree Samples' most extensively sampled instrument to date, Iconic Bass™ Jaco provides incredible realism and playability. According to Orange Tree Samples founder, Greg Schlaepfer, "Iconic Bass Jaco was the most challenging bass library we've produced. As a bass player, and a huge fan of the man, I was extremely demanding in producing this library. I'm certain that the end result made it worth the effort. This library establishes a new standard for us. It has more detail and features than any of our existing libraries, including retrigger samples, multiple velocity layers, and variable release samples. It takes advantage of Kontakt’s powerful scripting engine to produce realism that would not otherwise be achievable. Even seasoned pros will not be able to tell the difference between a well played performance with Iconic Bass Jaco and a live bass player. Best of all, it's really enjoyable to play."

Jaco's famous fretless jazz bass is currently in poor shape, painstakingly glued together after it was smashed in the mid '80s. Orange Tree Samples was able to get as close as possible by using a recreation of Jaco's bass made by the same company as the original model. We meticulously recreated the fine details, such as using the identical roundwound .045 gauge strings that Jaco preferred, and sampled the bass directly from the output of the electric bass, the way Jaco typically recorded in the studio. To achieve his dynamic tone, Iconic Bass Jaco features samples taken from several different plucking positions, such as playing close to the bridge in order to obtain the growly, biting tone commonly called the "Jaco growl". And just like Jaco, who worked in jazz, pop, and rock, this library fits in many musical genres. For example, just add distortion to the "Jaco growl" and you'll find it fits perfectly in hard-hitting rock tracks. The library also includes samples with a deeper, mellower tone where the plucking hand is much closer to the neck of the bass, and fits very well in many pop and rock productions.



Vir2 Instruments - Fractured Prepared Acoustic Guitars KONTAKT DVDR [DYNAMiCS]

Vir2 Instruments - Fractured Prepared Acoustic Guitars | KONTAKT | DVDR | DYNAMiCS | 2.15 GB

Created for both musical use and sound design, Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar is an innovative new collection of instruments featuring creative and esoteric samples and manipulations of various acoustic guitars. Following the tradition begun by Violence, Vir2's virtual dismembering of a solo violin, Fractured features 2.3GB of compressed samples and more than one hundred new instruments with numerous variations and effects built into each. Each patch features the organic goodness of the acoustic guitar, but stretches its timbre in new directions to create previously unheard musical effects. Drum kits were made with mallets, fingernail scrapes, metal scrapes, cardboard scrapes and pouring rice over the guitar. Long evolving pads were built from acoustic guitar samples that blur the line between electronic and acoustic. Fractured also features playable and dynamic rhythmic loops and patterns, multitimbral arpeggiated creations, huge cinematic impacts, gritty electronic drums, gnarly and etherial melodic instruments, and more innovative sonic goodness.

Fractured features a variety of controls which are custom-designed for each of its 104 instruments. The instruments are subdivided into five major category folders:

•Chromatic Kits
•Drum Kits
•Pads & SFX
•Tempo Synced

Depending on the instrument loaded, appropriate knobs for tweaking the instrument appear in the interface, such as:

•Envelope controls (attack and release)
•Stereo spread
•Lopass and hipass filters
•Layer blend controls
•Effects (reverb, delay, drive, flanger, vibrato, rotator, wobble, and others)
•Autopan control



domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

Indiginus - Torch Electric Guitar KONTAKT [PROPER]

Indiginus - Torch Electric Guitar | KONTAKT | PROPER | 2.53 GB

Our StrumMaker strumming engine for creating realistic rhythm guitar parts. Choose from many preset chords or create your own!

The pickup switch on the guitar is "real". That is, we took a perfectly good strat, pulled off the pick guard, and soldered a separate jack to each pickup. We then recorded the 3 outputs simultaneously to retain the phase relationship between them. You can even switch pickups while playing! No noise reduction was applied. No need for separate guitar effects plugs-Effects like compression, delay, distortion, flanger, and reverb are ready to go! There is even an amp head with selectable
speaker cabs. Several editable presets are there to get you going. Choose from several preset strumming patterns, or easily create your own.


Avid - Sibelius + DVD Content [ASSiGN]

Avid - Sibelius + DVD Content | ASSiGN | 24.14 GB

Sibelius 7 Sounds is no ordinary bundled sample library. This collection combines exclusive content with hand-selected sounds from industry experts to bring you more than 38 GB of professional-quality sounds covering every instrument family—from a complete symphony orchestra to specialist sounds like handbells and a 27-stop church organ.

Exclusive, specially recorded Avid Orchestra

An expert sound designer, who has worked with some of Hollywood’s most demanding composers, recorded one of Europe’s top orchestras to build the Avid Orchestra.

Every orchestral instrument is represented, including unusual ones such as the Wagner tuba, alto flute, heckelphone, and lithophone. We've also included several period instruments, including Baroque trumpet and oboe d’amore. There is a full complement of string instruments, including beautiful solo, chamber and full sectional patches.

Wherever possible, instruments have been recorded with a consistent set of playing techniques (including legato, détaché, staccato, tenuto, and trills), with specialist techniques for many instruments (e.g. double-tonguing for flute, mutes for brass and strings, unmeasured tremolo for strings, etc.)

World-class licensed content

To match the professional quality of the included content, Sibelius 7 Sounds also features hand-selected sounds from specialized sample providers.

It includes a full 27-stop pipe organ, taken from the E.M. Skinner Organ from Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Chicago, IL as sampled by Milan Digital Audio— the developers of Hauptwerk, the world’s finest virtual organ software.

Listen to an organ score

And for marching band and drum corps arrangers, Sibelius 7 includes a selection of sounds from the brand new Rumble and Fanfare libraries from Sample Logic. The first sound libraries to feature the multi-time world champion drum corps, The Blue Devils, these sounds were recorded at the world-famous Skywalker Sound scoring stage in Marin County, CA.


sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2011

Toontrack - Music City USA SD HYBRID [AiRISO]

Toontrack - Music City USA SD | HYBRID | AiRISO | 9.60 GB

Like it, love it or leave it, Nashville Tennessee is Music City USA. With more labels, publishers, writers, producers, musicians and artists per capita than any other city in North America, Nashville knows a thing or two about great music, and more importantly - great sounding music.

With the city’s history & culture so steeped in the art of making and recording music, the team could think of no better place on earth to record a library of drums that would be at home in music ranging from rock to reggae, metal to gospel or punk to polka. Oh yeah... they’re good for country & rock too!

Introducing the Music City USA SDX™ , the newest library of drum samples and MIDI grooves for our award winning, industry standard drum production platform, Superior Drummer® 2.0.

Much like its sibling, the Nashville EZX®, the Music City USA SDX™ found us working with Harry Stinson and Chuck Ainlay, two of the best, most experienced players and producers in the business.


EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Free Play Edition

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Free Play Edition | 1.83 GB

EastWest has announced that, in exchange for completing a short survey and signing up for the SoundsOnline newsletter, they are giving away a free "starter version" of the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra virtual instrument.

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Free Play Edition is not time limited, and not copy protected. It's available in stand-alone and VST, AU and RTAS plug-in formats for Windows

EastWest says it is doing this because they have the utmost faith that once you get to experience this starter version you will want to upgrade to the Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Plus versions with their extensive articulations and other enhanced features (but they don't mind if you stick with the freebie).

Included Instruments:

* Violin Lyric
* Violin Sustenuto
* Trumpet Legato
* Trumpet Staccato
* French Horn Staccato Long
* Basson Sustenuto Vibratto
* Double Bass Quick Up Down
* Crotales
* English Horn Partato
* Marimba
* Orchestral Chimes
* French Horn Legato
* Concert Flute Legato
* Sleigh Bells
* Trombone Legato
* Trombone Legato Vibrato
* Tambourine
* Triangle
* Viola Pizzicato
* Cello Sustenuto Vibrato

Install Instructions:

Run EWQL Orchestra Free Installer Part 1 32 bit.msi, then reboot, Run EWQLSO Free Installer Part 2.msi and then run EWQLSO Free Installer Part 3.msi


jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2011

Sample Logic - Synergy Kontakt DYNAMiCS [PC/MAC]

Sample Logic - Synergy | Kontakt 
| DYNAMiCS | PC/MAC | 18.78 GB

Weighing in at over 18 Gigabytes, Synergy is a collection of 1200+ instruments, tempo-synced loops, and multis that aims to deliver the next generation of diverse sounds in an intuitive user interface.

Powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player engine, Synergy utilizes extended sample synthesis and effectual techniques to provide you interactive, ready-to-play instruments. With Synergy's flexible sound sculpting interface, control is in your hands. All instruments can be modified, redesigned, and customized to your preference. This makes Synergy perfect for any performance and production environment.

Powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player engine, Synergy utilizes extended sample synthesis and effectual techniques to provide you interactive, ready-to-play instruments. With Synergy's flexible sound sculpting interface, control is in your hands. All instruments can be modified, redesigned, and customized to your preference. This makes Synergy perfect for any performance and production environment.

Instrument categories include:

* Ambience (295 patches)
* Bass (54 patches)
* Drums (55 patches)
* Impacts (269 patches)
* Melody (173 patches)
* Pads (57 patches)
* Rhythms (270 patches)
* Multis (40 patches)


1. create a useful folder to contain library e.g. :
\My Sample Libraries\Sample Logic\Synergy
2. copy the contents of D1 to the folder :


3. copy the contents of D2 and D3 into the \Samples folder
4. start Kontakt and add the library.


martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

Sampletekk - 6 Pianos 24 Bit [Multiformat]

Sampletekk - 7CG Seven Seas Grand 

Super detailed multisampled Grand Piano No less then 93 unique samples per recorded note. Over 4400 samples! Incredible sound and response Super realistic playing behaviour Probably the most refined sampled piano on the market today The most dynamic sampled piano - period.

Recorded at OAL Studios in Stockholm Sweden Instrument used: Yamaha C7 Grand ©

System Requirements:

• PC P4 3GHz with 2 Gb of RAM or similar Mac
• DVD reader
• One of the following samplers: Gigastudio 3, Kontakt 1.5/2, HALion 2/3, EXS24 MkII v.6


Sampletekk - Black Grand | 24 BiT MULTiFORMAT | 10.84 GB

The magnificent Steinway D, recorded in a concerthall for the true concert grand experience. Three different perspectives, Close, Ambient and Medium Ambiance gives you tree different instruments to choose from. Incredible 48 samples/note (36 for Gigastudio 2), cut's this sampled instrument in a class of it's own.
The Gigastudio 3 version uses convoluting modelling to emulate true repedalling. There's really not a way to describe the sound and playabilty of this instrument!

" Gigastudio 2/3, Kontakt or HALion 2.0/3.0 16 or 24 bit
" System minimum (16 bit version): Pentium III 800 GHz with 1 Gb RAM
" System minimum (24 bit version): Pentium IV 1GHz with 1.5Gb RAM
" Recommended: Pentium IV 1.4GHz with 1.5Gb RAM
" DVD Reader


Sampletekk - The Big One | 24BiT MULTiFORMAT | 5.94 GB

You want to talk about raw power and dynamics, ok let?s do that:
TBO has 93 unique samples/recorded notes.
We are talking about 31 velocity layers pedal up, 31 pedal down and 31 release samples.

Now why on earth does anyone want to produce a sampled piano of this size...??

Imagine playing a piano and only being allowed to hit keys with 8 different strengths. Hard to implement, but think of what that should do to your playing and inspiration. Think if the numbers of strength where limited to 4?.or maybe if we go up to 12. Still, very frustrating for a pianist to hit a key ppp and still get note with pp timbre. Or going from ppp to fff in a crescendo and only get 5-6 transitions in between.

We at SampleTekk believe that having many velocity samples/note is what makes a sampled piano realistic and inspiring to play.
Our earlier pianos, Black Grand, White Grand, White Sister and Vertikal all has 16 layers pedal up and 16 pedal down, and to our knowledge, this is something that we are alone to have.
But, now we set a new standard even to ourselves and give you a piano with 31 velocity samples per note. That is 31 pedal down, 31 pedal up and 31 matching release samples.
Besides great sound and almost seamless transitions when you go from soft to brutal, what does this mean to your playing?

A piano is an incredibly versatile instrument! Just imagine, you can, on the same instrument, play everything from "Great Balls of Fire" to "Adagio Cantabile" and they both will come out great. The same instrument, the same location.
This is possible due to a pianos incredible dynamic range.
You can get so much out of a piano, just by playing it differently.

Listen to the first TBO demo, then listen to the fourth. Now, compare the sound.
Both demos where made using the same piano! Just by a different, softer playing, you can get a very different character out of TBO, just like you could on a real piano.
This is what makes TBO unique!


Sampletekk - Vertikal The Piano Alternative | 24BiT GS3 | 6.99 GB

There are so many sampled pianos on the market today and you as a musician have the benefit to be able to choose from the multitude of different brands and sounds.
Most, or nearly all, of the sampled pianos are great, wonderful grand pianos like Steinway's, Bosendorfer and other truly amazing instruments.
But, sometimes you need something different.
Let's face it, you wouldn't choose Pavarotti to sing rock and roll, would you?
Also, you probably would let Robert Plant sing "La Boheme"…..
Mind you, it probably would sound great in a way, but it's probably not what you're after!
Now, most of the sampled pianos on the market today are "Pavarotti's", but if you want a "Plant"-piano you don't have that many chooses, until now!

The Vertikal is a upright piano recorded and designed to do the job when you need that little extra "umpf" in your songs. It can be rock, blues, jazz, gospel or anything that needs the extra attitude. Shortly, when you need something not that "grand".

Vertikal - The piano alternative, . Two different perspectives, Pop and Jazz gives you two different instruments to choose from. Incredible 48 samples/note (36 for Gigastudio 2), cut's this sampled instrument in a class of its own.


Sampletekk - White Grand | 24BiT MULTiFORMAT | 6.06 GB

"The White Grand is the best piano sample I have heard. It sits beautifully in a mix, as well as alone. It actually sounds alive!" - Paul Linford; film composer, mixer, programmer for Trevor Rabin

"I had no idea a sampled piano could be this good. It was as if someone told me they had a guitar, and what they showed me was a '54 Strat." - Trevor Rabin; Film Composer, Guitarist

"In the professional world we don't have time to waste in the studio, so when I need an acoustic piano, I always start with White Grand - it just works. It's presence and brightness is hard to achieve with other piano samples" - Jermey Whaley; producer, composer, musician

"Probably the very best pop/studio piano that has ever been released. In terms of its evenness and playability, and its consistency of presence from pp to fff, I think it is the best piano sample that has ever been released, period." - Bruce Richardson; composer, sound designer, music-technology guru.

SampleTekk proudly presents the White Grand, in our opinion, the best contemporary pop/rock/jazz grand piano in the sampled world today.
We recorded The White Grand with the finest equipment available, using a specially designed digital recording technique to give you unequalled performance and sound.
Prepare to explore a tactile and expressive feast, unparalleled in sampled pianos today.

You get an astonishing 32 different velocity samples, not only layers, but 32 DIFFERENT samples per note, (plus 4 release samples).
This gives you a control over the dynamics that surpasses all today existing sampled pianos.

The instrument was recorded in Studio Kuling, Sweden, in a room specially built and designed to record acoustic instruments.
All equipment used where chosen to deliver the best result possible.


Sampletekk - White Sister | 24BiT MULTiFORMAT | 2.56 GB

The White Grand by SampleTekk is by many musicians and composers believed to be the finest contemporary studio rock/pop/jazz Grand Piano. The White Grand is heard on numerous recordings and are used on soundtracks from many movies and other media. When designing the White Grand we went for a very special sound. A sound that would make the White Grand special and stick out. This called for close miking with microphones placed close to the hammers/strings. We also recorded a second stereo pair using two microphones in a position that's more normal for piano recordings and mixed that with the original microphones; this gave a bit more ambience and a slightly rounder tone but with all the characteristics that makes the White Grand so Grand. You get an astonishing 32 different velocity samples, not only layers, but 32 DIFFERENT samples per note, 16 samples for pedal up, 16 for pedal down (plus 4 release samples). With the exception of other SampleTekk pianos, this is unique among sampled pianos today! This SampleTekk-only gives you incredible and natural control over the dynamics from the softest pianissimo to the most brutal fortissimo you can imagine! In short, a different colour, still with the force and bite of the White Grand, but also providing enough body for classical work giving you an incredible all-round Grand Piano: The White Sister. 


lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

IK Multimedia - AmpliTube v3.7 Au Vst Rtas [Win/Mac] [DYNAMiCS]

IK Multimedia - AmpliTube v3.7 AU VST RTAS | WIN and MAC | DYNAMiCS | 22.10.2011 | WIN: 252 MB | MAC: 282 MB

AmpliTube 3. The New King of Tone. More Gear. More Feel. More Power. More Tone. There’s a new king in tone, and its name is AmpliTube 3. A massive upgrade of the leading guitar and bass tone gear modeling software, AmpliTube 3 raises the industry standard of sound variety, realism and creative power. If your recording or playing “rig” is lacking in that rich, lush expressive analog warmth, then you need to check it out. With over 160 precisely modeled pieces of vintage and modern gear available in one package, AmpliTube 3 is the ultimate tone gear collection for the player/producer/engineer suffering from tone angst.

New Gear:

Jet City Amplification JCA20H designed by Michael Soldano – a 20-watt single channel all-tube head.
Jet City Amplification JCA100H designed by Michael Soldano – a 100-watt dual channel all-tube head.
Other new models in AmpliTube Custom Shop v. 3.7:
German Gain: based on a popular dual channel, dual mode German engineered high gain amplifier head.

New Microphone models:

-Bottle 563 based on a vintage bottle tube condenser microphone.
-TubeVM based on a popular high-end tube condenser microphone.
-HiAmp: based on a popular British 100 watt dual channel head.
-HiAmp 4x12 Cabinet based on a popular British 4 x 12” cab.

Additional Features in AmpliTube v. 3.7:

-Now compatible with Lion, OS X 10.7.
-Other improvements include a fix for the proper use of touch automation in host DAWs and an issue that was corrupting the default gear models preset.

sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

Soundiron - Cymbology Vol 1: Bowed NCW [KONTAKT]

Soundiron - Cymbology Vol 1: Bowed 
| KONTAKT | NCW | 3.79 GB

This massive percussion effects library is built around classic bowed cymbals. We captured 20 unique cymbals, in all shapes, sizes, alloys and varieties, from crashes and splashes to gongs, bells, trashes and even a stack of spent WWII Howitzer artillery shells. We explore the classic bowed cymbal effect in exquisite detail, with dozens of variations for each cymbal, from short stabs to long tortured wails and everything in between. These often sought-after dramatic scoring and sound design fundamentals are perfect for setting dark moods, striking bold transitions, building stingers, weaving soundscapes and manipulating in any number of ways to evoke sonic images both dark and light.

Not content to leave it there, we experiment with dry ice on the cymbal surfaces. The results are just as wildly varied as the bowed articulations, but these squeals, hisses, screeches, drones, screams, rumbles and wails are an entirely different flavor. We recorded both sets of sustaining and short cymbal effects in two wide microphone positions, up close for full detail, presence and clarity without room coloration and out in a large hall, for a rich, lush and naturally spacious reverb ideal for epic and orchestral scoring.

Next, we created a collection of extraordinary melodic tuned percussion instruments from the most tonally pure and musical raw material within the library. Each tuned percussion preset has a unique and complex sound, with flowing overtones, broad warmth, clear highs and massive low end, with flavors ranging from darkly harmonic to pure and crystalline. Lastly, we designed over 1 GB of ambient instruments. You’ll find a spectacular array of pads, drones, synths, swirling dreamscapes, nightmarish hellscapes and complex evolving textures.

Cymbology 1: Bowed features

    289 Kontakt 4.2.4 patches (unlocked).
    285 Kontakt 3.5 patches (unlocked).
    2220 Samples.
    5.77 GB Installed.
    40 Custom Convolution IR Files.
    24bit / 48kHz stereo PCM wav samples.
    Available now via high-speed cloud-based download and on DVD.
    Full retail version of Kontakt 3, 4 or 5 required to use this library.
    The free Kontakt Player does not support this library.



miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

Toontrack - The Metal Foundry SDX Expansion [AudioP2P]

Toontrack - The Metal Foundry SDX Expansion
 | AudioP2P | 30 GB

The Metal Foundry SDX

The originators of multi sampled drums and Drumkit From Hell, Toontrack®, Music presents an all-new SDX expansion pack for Superior Drummer® 2.0 - The Metal Foundry SDX™.

The Metal Foundry SDX™ is an all-new recording with Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake, featuring seven massive drum kits, spanning 300,000 sound files of raw, single hit drum recordings in the vein of Drumkit From Hell and dfh Superior, covering Hard Rock to Metal, from the early Blues tinged sound of the late 60s to the fragmentation of today’s music, from Power through Thrash, Death and Progressive Metal.

The Metal Foundry SDX™ celebrates the Toontrack® Music Hard Rock and Heavy Metal legacy of the first Drumkit From Hell, on which the company has built its following. This in turn has spawned such groundbreaking products as dfh Superior, EZdrummer® and Superior Drummer® 2.0.

The Metal Foundry SDX™ was recorded and produced at Atlantis Studios in December 2008 by the original Drumkit From Hell recording team, Mattias Eklund (Toontrack® Music), Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah), Daniel Bergstrand (Dug Out Studios) and Tomas Haake (Meshuggah).

The Metal Foundry SDX™ features presets by:
Devin Townsend (Devin Townsend, Strapping Young Lad, Steve Vai)
Daniel Bergstrand from Dug Out Studio (Meshuggah, In Flames, Dark Funeral, Behemoth)
Pelle Gunnerfeldt from Gröndahl Studio (The Hives, Moneybrother, Fireside, The International Noise Conspiracy)
Pelle Henricsson, Eskil Lövstrand and Magnus Lindberg from Tonteknik Studio (Refused, Meshuggah, Cult Of Luna, Khoma, Hell Is For Heroes)

The Metal Foundry SDX - product details

• Sonor Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 18x22"
• Sonor Tomas Haake Custom No Front Head 18x22"
• Sonor Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 20x24"
• Sonor Tomas Haake Custom SQ2 18x22"
• DW Collectors Series 16x24"
• Tama ImperialStar Royal Pewter 14x22"
• Tama ImperialStar Placer Gold 14x24"
• Ludwig Amber VistaLite 14x26"
• Ludwig Silversparkle 14x26"
• Ludwig Silversparkle 14x24"
• Ludwig Silversparkle 14x22"
• Ludwig Silversparkle 14x20"

• Sonor Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 18x22"
• Sonor Tomas Haake Custom No Front Head 18x22"
• Sonor Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 20x24"
• Sonor Tomas Haake Custom SQ2 18x22"
• DW Collectors Series 16x24"

• Sonor HLD598 8x14"
• Tomas Haake Engineering 7x13"
• Sonor Artist Series 6x14"
• Sonor Tomas Haake Custom 7x14"
• Pearl Reference 6.5x14"
• Pearl Ian Paice Signature 6.5x14"
• Pearl Free Floating Brass 5x14"
• WFL Marching Snare with Wood Hoops 12x14"
• Ludwig Supraphonic 402 6.5x14"
• WFL U.S 276 6.5x15"
• Ludwig Clear Vistalite 6.5x14"
• Pearl Reference Low Pitched 6.5x14"
• Pearl Free Floating - Maple 5x14"
• Pearl Sensitone Aluminum 5x14"

• Sabian HHX Stage Hats 14"
• Sabian HHX Power Hats 14"
• Sabian HH Hats 15"
• Sabian HHX Stage Hats 15"
• Paiste Giant Beat 15"

• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 8x10"
• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 9x12"
• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 8x10"
• Tomas Haake Custom SQ2 10x10"
• DW Collectors Series 9x12"
• Tama ImperialStar 1975 5.5x6"
• Tama ImperialStar 1975 8x12"
• Ludwig Amber Vistalite 10x14"
• Ludwig Silversparkle 8x12"

• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 10x13"
• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 9x12"
• Tomas Haake Custom SQ2 14x14"
• DW Collectors Series 10x13"
• Tama ImperialStar 1975 5.5x8"
• Tama ImperialStar 1975 9x13"
• Ludwig Silversparkle 9x13"

• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 10x14"
• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 10x14"
• Tomas Haake Custom SQ2 10x12"
• DW Collectors Series 11x14"
• Tama ImperialStar 1975 6.5x10"
• Tama ImperialStar 1975 10x14"
• Ludwig Silversparkle 10x14"

• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 15x15"
• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 16x16"
• Tomas Haake Custom SQ2 16x15"
• DW Collectors Series 13x16"
• Tama ImperialStar 1975 12x15"
• Tama ImperialStar 1975 16x16"
• Ludwig Amber Vistalite 16x16"
• Ludwig Silversparkle 16x16"

• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 16x16"
• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 17x18"
• Tomas Haake Custom Designer Series 17x18"
• Tomas Haake Custom SQ2 18x18"
• DW Collectors Series 14x18"
• Tama ImperialStar 1975 14x16"
• Tama ImperialStar 1975 16x18"
• Ludwig Amber Vistalite 16x18"
• Ludwig Silversparkle 16x18"

• Sabian Morgan Agren Custom Ride 22"
• Sabian Tomas Haake Custom Power Bell Ride 22"

• Paiste Giant Beat 24"
• Sabian HHX Legacy Ride 22"

• Sabian HHXtreme Crash 16"
• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 16"
• Sabian HH Sound Control Crash 15"
• Sabian HH Splash 12"

• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 18"
• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 18"
• Sabian HH Thin Crash 16"
• Sabian HH Crash 19"
• Bosphorus Traditional Series 19"

• Sabian HHX Legacy Ride 20"
• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 19"
• Sabian HH Medium Crash 20"
• Paiste Giant Beat 18"
• Sabian Morgan Agren Custom Dark Crash 20"

• Sabian HHX Groove Ride 21"
• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 19"
• Sabian HH Medium Ride 22"
• Sabian HH Splash 8"

• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 21"
• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 20"
• Zildjian Medium Crash 18"

• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 22"
• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 20"
• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 19"
• Bosphorus The Hammer 20"

• Sabian Paragon Chinese 19"
• Sabian AAX Mini Chinese 14"
• Sabian AAXtreme Chinese 19"
• Sabian HH Chinese 18"

• Sabian AAXtreme Chinese 21"
• Sabian HHX Chinese 18"
• Sabian AAX Chinese 20"
• Sabian AAXtreme 19"

• Sabian HH Splash 10"
• Sabian HH Splash 12"

• Sabian HH Thin Crash 16"/ Paragon Chinese 19"
• Sabian HH Sound Control Crash 15"/ HH Chinese 18"
• Sabian HH Splash 12"/ AAX Mini Chinese 14"
• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 18"/ HHX Chinese 21"
• Sabian HHX Stage Crash 18"/ AAXtreme Chinese 21"

• Ludwig Cowbell by Paiste


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