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EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Free Play Edition

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Free Play Edition | 1.83 GB

EastWest has announced that, in exchange for completing a short survey and signing up for the SoundsOnline newsletter, they are giving away a free "starter version" of the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra virtual instrument.

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Free Play Edition is not time limited, and not copy protected. It's available in stand-alone and VST, AU and RTAS plug-in formats for Windows

EastWest says it is doing this because they have the utmost faith that once you get to experience this starter version you will want to upgrade to the Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Plus versions with their extensive articulations and other enhanced features (but they don't mind if you stick with the freebie).

Included Instruments:

* Violin Lyric
* Violin Sustenuto
* Trumpet Legato
* Trumpet Staccato
* French Horn Staccato Long
* Basson Sustenuto Vibratto
* Double Bass Quick Up Down
* Crotales
* English Horn Partato
* Marimba
* Orchestral Chimes
* French Horn Legato
* Concert Flute Legato
* Sleigh Bells
* Trombone Legato
* Trombone Legato Vibrato
* Tambourine
* Triangle
* Viola Pizzicato
* Cello Sustenuto Vibrato

Install Instructions:

Run EWQL Orchestra Free Installer Part 1 32 bit.msi, then reboot, Run EWQLSO Free Installer Part 2.msi and then run EWQLSO Free Installer Part 3.msi


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Es una lástima que el link ya no funcione. Gracias por la información de todas maneras. Saludos.

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