domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

AcousticSamples - Academic Grand Piano for Kontakt

AcousticSamples - Academic Grand Piano | Kontakt | 1.48 GB

We have been working in collaboration with Lance Herring on this project. The AcademicGrand is a 1963 Steinway D concert grand which has seen countless recitals and concerts over the years where it served as the University of Arkansas' primary concert instrument. The piano has been an inspiration to hundreds of students and visitors, and with being well-maintained and cared for, it's a wonderful instrument with a unique history and classic American Steinway sound.

On the MachFive 3 interface, you have access to some advanced tweaks.
- A sensitivity button to adjust the response of the library to your keyboard and preferences,
- The pedal noise volume,
- The release samples volume,
- A tone button to make the piano sound more dark or bright,
- And the thumps volume (the volume of the noise emmited by the keys+damper going down). 
ASPlayer interface
The Kontakt version gives you the same possibilities as the MachFive

Now in V2 with a new interface and a new voicing,
2,82Gb sample bank, no loops,
Recorded at 24Bits/48Khz,
4 Velocity layers for the sustain (4 on pedal up and 4 on pedal down),
4 Velocities for the release,
Sympathetic resonance (Pedal Up and Pedal Down samples),
3 release types, notes, thumps, on pedal down (3d one only in kontakt),
Additionnal pedal noise (up and down), automatic in kontakt version,
Advanced scripting (kontakt)



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