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Music Services - Drumasonic v1.5 KONTAKT SCD [AudioP2P]

Music Services Drumasonic v1.5 KONTAKT SCD AudioP2P | 8.10.2011 | 3.03 GB

As the name suggests, DRUMASONIC represents a high-end approach: In sampling one of the best, modern and universal sounding drum kits along with some of the finest snare drums, hihat, ride, crash, china and splash cymbals, no sound-altering devices have been employed. All the signals have been converted with high-end equipment directly after the preamps at 96 kHz, 24 bit. The goal was to provide the discerning musician, sound technician or producer – in the sense of authentic drum miking – a variety of phase-compatible, freely combinable and distributable signals out of two distinct recording rooms. Instead of delivering pre-defined sounds or tons of patches, DRUMASONIC addresses its focus on tonal authenticity, signal purity and mixing flexibility.


►A modern drum set and some of the finest cymbals, pristinely recorded in two distinct, punchy sounding rooms – Damped Room and Large Room.
►Unprocessed signals which have been extensively phase-optimized, perfectly cut and velocity-mapped with additionally developed software tools.
►Microphones: 5.0 Surround, Overheads A/B, Room M/S, Trash, Close mics, Bass Drum inside/outside, Snare Drum top/bottom – freely mixable and routable.
►Comprehensive Snare resonance and HiHat concepts, freely assignable Mapping, Velocity, Tuning, MIDI controllers.
►High performance, state-of-the-art KONTAKT4.2 engine, intuitive user interface.

DRUMASONIC runs on all current Mac and PC systems with about 3.5 GB of free hard disk space (download edition with lossless compressed 44.1 kHz/24 bit samples; representing 8 GB uncompressed) as stand-alone application as well as AU, VST and RTAS plug-in. With the purchase of DRUMASONIC, you qualify for a cross-grade offer to the full version of KONTAKT 4 by Native Instruments.

DRUMASONIC 1.5 New Features:

►Mixer presets can now be saved to a file or loaded from a file, within each room.
Comprehensive re-design of the options page:
►New “Random Velocity” control for randomly adding or subtracting values to or from the current velocity value within a user-definable range.
►Six new “Random Pitch” controls for randomly pitching up or down any instrument within a user-definable range.
►New mapping functionality: up to eight keys can now be assigned to each articulation (instead of one). There are mapping presets for various e-drums systems. User presets can now be saved to a file and can be exchanged between both rooms.
►Extended HiHat triggering control: the user can now define an individual MIDI CC value range according to each “Openness Level” for accurately controlling the openness/ sensitivity of the HiHat.
►New snare “WiresOff” triggering options: releasing or engaging the snare wires is now possible with any MIDI controller or with a customizable keyswitch.
►The “Panning” of the grouped close microphones is now adjustable according to each Crash Cymbal and each Tom.
►New “Decay” function: the volume decay time can now be shortened separately for each instrument and microphone category.




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