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Cinematic Strings Pro Edition KONTAKT [AudioP2P]

Cinematic Strings Pro Edition KONTAKT - 
AudioP2P | WAV/NKI | 6.79 GB

The Cinematic Strings Pro Edition is an advanced virtual instrument for Kontakt 3.5+, which offers the user extremely expressive and realistic samples of a modern string orchestra. The Cinematic Strings Pro Edition features all the listed articulations at 24bit/48khz resolution. Sampled strings have been taken to a new level of expressive realism with this collection and, with the help of cutting edge features to help you create realistic string parts, you'll be back to writing music rather than worrying about how it'll sound.

Key Features:

* True Legato samples
* Multiple microphone positions (close, stage and hall sets)
* Switchable playing position between high and low position vibrato
* User definable keyswitching and CC remapping
* Controllable vibrato
* Smart Release scripts
* Multiple 'round robin' short alternation samples
* Controllable scripted portamento
* Dynamic range control
* 4 velocity layers for all articulations
* Smooth crossfading between layers


* Legato, with high and low position vibrato
* Legato, Non Vibrato
* Staccato
* Pizzicato
* Minor 2nd (half-tone) trills
* Major 2nd (whole-tone) trills
* Tremolo


6 comentarios:

Federico Gustavo Rivarola dijo...

Can I use this program with FL Studio? Sorry my ignorance =|. I'm looking for some VST Plugins wich can emulate orchestras strings...

Samplerion dijo...

yes you can but first you need native instruments kontakt 4 or 5.01 because this is only a library and needs it to be loaded in

Federico Gustavo Rivarola dijo...

Hey, thx for your reply... I downloaded it all: Kontakt and this Cinematic Strings... But I don't know how to install it. I'll figure it out. But, if you know and usefull tutorial for this, I'll apreciate if you let me know =)
Thx for everything.

Anónimo dijo...

My Friend, I tried to load 1st violins All Combo.nki; but it shows me a message that is missing a file: "11 acoustic space.wav". What should I do with that missing fiel?

Samplerion dijo...

Federico Gustavo Rivarola:

you have to load the patches in kontakt and open kontakt in your fl studio


just press skip missing files and will be ok, that file is only an impulse of reverb, but you can add reverb with other plugins

Shaq Ryan dijo...


You've published the Alicia's Keys Piano for Kontakt. On 2010... may be?


Could you upload the 15th part?

I need your help men...

Thank you very much...

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