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Native Instruments - Alicia Keys Piano [AudioP2P] [Kontakt]

Native Instruments - Alicia Keys Piano | Team AudioP2P | Kontakt | 7.44 GB

Together with Danish specialist Skarbye Thomas (better known by its company name Scarbee) and the impulse response expert Ernest Cholakis, Alicia Keys has created a virtual piano that meets their professional and features the soulful sound that has become his trademark as a superstar. This is the sound of the piano has helped him win multiple Grammys Miss keys to reach the top of the charts.

Alicia Keys was sampled from his own interpretation, recorded in the artist's studio under the supervision of his trusted engineer, Ann Mincieli.

The samples come from its own instrument of Alicia Keys Piano Yamaha C3 grand Neo . This unique and highly sought after instrument was built to celebrate the 100 anniversary of Yamaha in 2002 and represents the top of the line collection Conservatory. The exquisite and unique sound of Neo C3 were captured with care by Thomas Skarbye, Kontakt script wizard Nils Liberg and Grammy-winning engineer Ann Mincieli - making this unique tool available to everyone. Using vintage microphones and preamps and through detailed analysis of play Alice, the team managed to capture the warm sound and moving and inspiring the Neo C3 all the way down to the smallest nuance.

a great effort was put into making Alicia Keys as authentic as possible. Designed with incredible accuracy, and the addition of subtle details, such as the release of mechanical noise, especially developed a sympathetic resonance and release system, and even the sound of fingers hitting the keys (optional), this unique instrument offers lots of animated realism. Both in fact, to be used exclusively on his latest album The Element of Freedom.

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