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Toontrack - Drumkit From Hell [Kontakt]

Toontrack - Drumkit From Hell | Kontakt | 520 MB

The kit recorded is a Sonor Designer Series Maple Light Shell drumkit, and the cymbals are from the Sabian Handhammered Series/AAXtreme Series (Only Top Quality).- 2,06 GB

Each drum is multisampled with both left and right hand grip, from soft to hard hits. For example, the snare consists of 10 different hits from soft to hard with both left and right hand grip. In addition to that; 10 hard left hand hits, all with a slightly different approach + a variety of useful hits such as rolls & sidestick. We`ve also included all these hits without bottomhead snares on some.
All cymbals are also multisampled with different types of hits.

Each sample has 2 different stereo samples, one is the drum itself (with all the other mics turned on) and the other one is the room/ambient mics.
With this feature you're able to process the closely miked sounds and the ambient sounds seperately and create a wide variety of general drumsounds. Just Imagine the possibilities that'll bring to you!!!!

1. Sonor Designer Series 22 x 18” Maple Light Shell *Pearl Wood Riber Glass 24”
2. Sonor Designer Series 22 x 18” Maple Light Shell

3. Pearl Sensitone 14 x 6" Bronze Shell
*Pearl Sensitone 14 x 6" Bronze Shell (without bottomhead snares)
*Ayotte 14 x 4” Maple Shell Snare
*Sonor Designer Series 14 x 5” Snare
*Sonor DS 14 x 6.5” Snare
*Sonor DS 14 x 6.5” (without bottomhead snares)
*Sonor Hilite Maple Shell 12 x 5” Snare
*Ludwig 14 x 8” Snare
*Ludwig 14 x 8” (without bottomhead snares)

4. Sonor Designer Series 10 x 10” Maple Light Shell
5. Sonor Designer Series 12 x 12” Maple Light Shell
6. Sonor Designer Series 13 x 13” Maple Light Shell
7. Sonor Designer Series 16 x 16” Maple Light Shell
8. Sonor Designer Series 18 x 18” Maple Light Shell
9. Hi-Hat (Sabian 14" Rock Hats)

10. Sabian 21" AAXtreme Chinese
11. Sabian 20" HH Crash Ride / Rideable in the Jazz Presets
12. Sabian 10" HH Splash
13. Sabian 21" HH Crash Ride
14. "Spock" containing 1 Sabian 12" HH Splash/15" AAXtreme Chinese
15. Sabian 8" HH Splash
16. Sabian 22" Power Bell Ride / 22” Sabian HH Crash Ride in the Jazz

17. Sabian 12" HH Splash
18. Sabian 20" HH Dark Chinese / Rideable in the Jazz Presets
19. Sabian 21" HH Medium Crash
20. Sabian 22" Ed Thigpen Crystal Bellride

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