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Kontakt 4 Factory Library - Synth [Kontakt]

Kontakt 4 Factory Library - Synth | Kontakt | 3.73 GB

Here are the full range of contemporary synth pads, basses, leads and drum kits. Since the collection has its own synthesizer see the performance, you have the possibility of accessing in seconds the important parameters and adjust the sound to your desire. In addition, this column contains a built-in battery computer for the synth drum kits.

The purpose of the collection is to provide equipment Synth sounds of synthesizers. The samples in this collection come from various sources, from analog hardware / digital machines for acoustic instruments and synths. All the samples however have been processed and mastered for an "immediate production" sound (in contrast to the Vintage collection, where all the samples have been recorded "pure."

Pad: Several Sounds pad.
Choir: Patches of synthesized beats.
Bass: analog / digital bass sounds
Lead: analog / digital sounds alone.
Mallet: Short, percussive sounds.
Synth: Drums A collection of synthesized drums, including pre-programmed grooves.
Arpeggiator: Sounds synthesized with arpeggiator.
Sequencer: Sounds synthesized with the poly module script step.

All instruments synth - except for the drum kits - share a common view, slightly altered variation of the same view is used for the arpeggiator and sequencer sounds, with the only difference is in the sound section of the view performance.

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salchi13 dijo...

Puedes resubir la parte 8? Está sólo en fileserve, y da error al intentar descargarla


Samplerion dijo...

Ya esta resubido a Filesonic

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