miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

Samplelogic - Morphestra Mixed Ensembles [Kontakt 4]

Samplelogic - Morphestra Mixed Ensembles | Kontakt 4 | 2.78 GB

Morphestra virtual instrument is now the movie. Sample award-winning team of Logic presents a powerful collection of organic instruments creatively new and inventive. Morphestra is derived entirely orchestral recordings sound design and psycho-acoustics. In partnership with Kirk Hunter Studios and powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player 4, Morphestra epic is a collection of more than 27 GB and 1200 + instruments and multis.


Angelic Destiny
Aquarius Motion MW
Aquarius MW
Battle For Independence
Breakin The Code
Copassion For Life
Forever Land
Grandioso Spectacular
Hollywood Dreamer
Napoleonic Demise
Organ Of Peace 1
Organ Of Peace 2
Purple Future
The Circus Man
Vatican City



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